Cultural Heritage

In heritage and archaeology, “conserved” means that heritage resources are identified and protected so that their cultural heritage value is maintained. The Ontario Heritage Act contains policies to evaluate and designate heritage resources.


Provincial & County Policy

The Provincial Policy Statement and the County of Simcoe Official Plan Policies provide direction on specific issues. The Township Official Plan policies must conform to the PPS and County Official Plan which set out the following policies:

Protection & Identification

Significant built heritage resources and significant cultural heritage landscapes will be conserved. The interests of First Nations must be considered. Archaeological management plans and cultural plans should be considered.

Municipal Official Plans must contain cultural heritage policies, including policies for maintaining a register of locally significant cultural heritage resources.

Municipalities should establish policies which encourage the evaluation and designation of properties under the Ontario Heritage Act, support a municipal heritage committee, zone sites containing significant cultural features, and apply the County’s Cultural Heritage Guidelines, once the guidelines are developed.

Minimizing Development Impacts

Development will not be permitted on lands containing archaeological resources, or areas of archaeological potential, unless those resources have been conserved.

Development will not be permitted on lands adjacent to protected heritage property unless the proposed development has been evaluated and the heritage attributes will be conserved. Heritage assessments, studies, or reports may be required.

First Nations & Archaeology

If First Nations archaeological resources or burial place are found, the appropriate First Nations communities must be notified. When other burial places are identified, the Funeral, Burial, and Cremation Services Act and Ontario Heritage Act apply, and appropriate Provincial Ministries must be notified.

Existing Policy & Legislation

  • Provincial Policy Statement 2014
  • County of Simcoe Official Plan Policies
  • Ontario Heritage Act

Current Township Policies

Heritage resources should be protected from the impacts of development through studies and assessments when a development is proposed.

Section 8.17 of the Current Official Plan contains policies for Heritage and Archaeological Resources, which require:

  • That the Township’s cultural heritage and archaeological resources be identified.
  • The Township to maintain an inventory of designated cultural resource features, and encourage local groups, with Council’s endorsement, to develop and inventory other heritage resources, and to determine their local significance based on criteria supported by Council.
  • Council may require archaeological impact assessments, surveys and the preservation or rescue excavation of significant archaeological resources which might be affected by development, in cooperation with the appropriate Provincial Ministry. The Township recognizes that there may be archaeological remnants of prehistoric and early historic habitation as well as archaeological potential areas within the Township.
  • New development to occur in a manner that conserves and enhances cultural heritage and archaeological resources. Cultural heritage resources include archaeological sites, buildings and structural remains of identified historical and architectural value, heritage landscapes and rural and settlement areas of identified value.
  • Archaeological assessments in support of development applications, including consents and zoning amendments, if necessary.

Your ideas and vision are important!

What changes would you like to see?

  • Do you think the municipality should encourage the identification and designation of cultural heritage landscapes and Heritage Conservation Districts?
  • The settlement of the area by First Nations has resulted in potential archaeological resources. Do you think the policies adequately address First Nations archaeological resources?
  • Are there any specific cultural heritage resources that should be identified in the Official Plan policies or maps?
  • Please provide any other comments you may have for consideration in the development of new policies.

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