Comments Received

Comment received: “I was just wondering if there are any plans to update the Internet infrastructure specifically in Colgan? I understand there will be a new subdivision going in around the older homes will this include an infrastructure upgrade to the older residence?” (December 2016)

Reply:“Thank you for your comment. While the municipality may establish conditions in the approval of new subdivisions where requested to do so by telecommunications providers, the actual provision of internet infrastructure is not a municipal function and the municipality does not regulate or control such infrastructure. That is a federal responsibility. Decisions on where and when to provide such services are those entirely of the private service providers. The objective of the current planning exercise, the Official Plan review, is to establish a long-term vision for the growth and land use planning for the municipality. Again, while it is likely that the municipality will encourage the development of new infrastructure throughout the municipality to support economic growth and community development and services, the provision of such infrastructure, and decisions on when and how they are provided, will continue to be the responsibility of the private service providers.  Both the Township and the County have identified providing internet service for all residents as a priority (it is a specific goal in the 2015 Adjala-Tosorontio Township Community Based Strategic Plan) and will encourage the development of infrastructure to make this possible.”