Policy Community Café

Five questions to consider and discuss:

  1. Agricultural Uses:

The Province is aiming to support the farming industry by allowing more activities to take place on farms. What uses do you think should (or shouldn’t) be allowed as “agriculture-related” uses?  Why?


  1. Home Businesses:

The trend to operate businesses from your home is expected to continue. The Township is considering relaxing some of the requirements for home businesses.  Are there businesses you think should (or shouldn’t) be allowed on residential properties?  What criteria do you think would be appropriate to regulate them?


  1. Second Units:

The Province now requires local municipalities to permit second dwelling units on all residential properties. Currently, the Township only supports units that are within or attached to a single family dwelling.  What do you think about allowing apartments over garages?  Or allowing a separate structure to be built on a property?  What criteria should we use to determine if it’s appropriate for a particular property?


  1. Heritage Designations:

To this point, the Township has not identified any heritage buildings or landscape features that should be protected. Do you think the Township should implement rules to restrict the development/re-development of heritage buildings?  What buildings and/or landscape features do you think should be protected?


  1. Active Transportation & Recreation:

The Township is now working to have new developments include trails and other features that will make our communities more walkable. Are there any areas you think that trails should be established or improved?  Are there other public facilities you would like the Township to consider (please provide suggestions for funding as well, if possible)?